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Shopping Cart Pit Crew

Gives a few more people employment, while solving a common annoyance
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Is it just me, or is it quite vexing when almost every time I go to a supermarket, I get a cart (trolley) that has a wheel rusted in place, or some piece of debris stuck in the wheel so that the damned thing is extremely difficult to steer?

This idea is for a maintenance crew that spends the whole shift checking, lubricating, cleaning and repairing the shopping carts to ensure that each cart provides the customer who gets it with smooth operation.

The crew need only consist of a few people, probably 2-4 would do. The salaries for the crew would be paid for by increased sales. Customers would remember subconsciously how hassle-free their shopping experience had been, and they would see consciously as the crew worked how much the store cared about its customers, so they would come back more frequently, and maybe tell friends and neighbors about it, too. Also, not having the frustration of fighting with the cart, will likely stay in the store longer to buy more products.

21 Quest, Jan 10 2007

(?) Security seal http://www.vmsprodu...astictruckseals.JPG
Dated seals may encourage the store to sanitize the carts and baskets more often. [Salted Nuts, Jan 13 2007]


       You know, it seems so trivial, yet I kind of agree with you. I especially don't like others' used tissues, ads, shopping lists, etc. in the cart either, so if they would also clean out the junk--here's some bunnage. +
xandram, Jan 10 2007

       Yes, but if I was the head of a company that requires shopping carts, I'd just make one of my janitors or unbusied cachiers do it and reap the rewards without paying for extra people.
Raithah, Jan 10 2007

       The only reason why some people always get stuck with the cart that has the bad wheel is because its usually left somewhere convenient. So some unsuspecting schmuck like you or I will walk into the store not even thinking about a cart until we find ourselves carrying 3 or 4 items that are very heavy, very cold or both. So you turn the corner and what do you see? A CART! How convenient! But you fail to realize that this cart was abandoned for a reason.

       The problem with retail management is that most times they cannot stand to see an employee just standing around doing nothing. And I have sat in staff meetings where the consensus was that we needed someone assigned specifically to a particular task so that they would always be accessible when needed only for the manager to change his mind and have them doing other things. And then when they were needed, they were too occupied with other things. The pit crew will need some busy work to do in between cart emergencies in order to keep them busy yet accessible. Perhaps this pit crew should also steam clean and/or disinfect the carts and they will also be responsible for collecting the carts out of the parking lot.
Jscotty, Jan 12 2007

       it's a good idea, and they could all skate around with little miniature trolleys attached to their shoes to maintain the theme +
xenzag, Jan 12 2007

       I like this idea. The maintenance crew, once done repairing and sanitizing the cart (and baskets), should put a dated plastic security seal on the cart so that customers will know how long it has been since service and cleaning.
Salted Nuts, Jan 13 2007

       No, if you're going to use the pit crew analogy you may as well go full out Nascar.

       I pull into the pit lane while I'm picking out my fish, and they do a quick polish and then lube the wheels before giving me a push start out into traffic. When I'm getting my beer they can hold up a sign telling me how many items left to get.

       As a matter of fact, THAT would be the best part of the service. They make sure you don't forget anything.
normzone, Feb 14 2012

       [normzone] is right - in addition to all the normal food aisles, the supermarket should have a pit lane.
hippo, Feb 16 2012

       marked for tagline (;-)

       "[normzone] is right"
normzone, Feb 19 2012

       [normzone] is a right "______"?
AusCan531, Feb 19 2012

       Can they wipe your glasses with a little squeegee and offer you water from a cup with a super-long straw?
Cedar Park, Feb 22 2012


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