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Shoulder Mounted Periscope

Disposable cardboard periscopes help out the shorter members of the audience
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I'm lucky enough to be over six feet tall, which means I have no trouble seeing the performers at gigs and concerts. I feel sorry for my shorter friends, though; unless they squeeze through to the very front of the crowd, they can't see anything other than people's backs.

If I had a lightweight periscope which I could wear on one shoulder, my friends could stand behind me and still have an uninterrupted view of the band.

It should be made out of cardboard and shipped "flat packed" so it can be sold on the door for a small price and folded into the right shape by the buyer. It should also be easy to produce novelty versions for special occasions, such as a parrot for September 19th.

Also useful for comedy nights, sporting events etc.

Wrongfellow, Nov 10 2008

Personal Periscope Personal_20Periscope
A rather more stylish implementation. [DrBob, Nov 11 2008]


       Presumably these would have a bellows like construction to allow you to pogo with whatever stripe of abandon you prefer without limiting the usefulness of the periscope for your ickle pals.
calum, Nov 10 2008

       This has great scope for Tindalian piratification.
theleopard, Nov 10 2008

       "Were you staring at my ass?"   

       "erm, uhh, no, I just mistook you for my friend, who's wearing a shoulder-mounted periscope. sorry."
ye_river_xiv, Nov 10 2008

       Better: a baseball cap with a pair of video cameras embedded in the brow. It transmits stereo imagery to VR goggles worn by one's shorter companion.
8th of 7, Nov 10 2008

       [8th] I like it! But it would be a much more expensive device which probably couldn't be sold on the door to impulse buyers.   

       I think that once the public at large has been convinced of the benefits of shoulder-mounted periscopes, your VR goggles will be a lot easier to commercialise.
Wrongfellow, Nov 11 2008

       I like this. Being rather tall, I always try to sit in front of empty seats - the feeling that you're blocking someone's view always detracts from the enjoyment.
wagster, Nov 11 2008

       That would be a "Shoulder Mounted Parrotscope", would it not ?
8th of 7, Nov 11 2008


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