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Shoulder flash

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The problem of "red-eye" is well-known to most users of small cameras. The problem is caused by the proximity of the flash to the lens, causing the reflection of the flash on the subject's retina to be picked up by the lens.
Professional photographers get around this by moving the flash as far as possible from the camera, either on a floor-stand in a studio, or on a flash bracket attached to the camera. However, the latter can make you look like a 1950's paparazzo with a Speed Graphic, or an extra in the final scene of Ultravox's video of "Vienna".
Enter the CoproCo® Flash Epaulette *, a shoulder mounted flash bracket. Simply slot in the flashgun of choice, and the in-built wireless slave unit allows you to snap away, free from the fear of red-eye.
For the covert photographer who doesn't want to attract attention, the optional PollyFlash cover is an unobtrusive life-like macaw mannequin, with hinged upper body, for all your piratical photo opportunities.

* Not available in shops.

coprocephalous, Jun 01 2005

Bluetooth Flash Parrot http://web.archive....th_20Flash_20Parrot
from wayback machine archive [Ian Tindale, Jun 01 2005]


       Ah, already covered very similar ground to this one during my previous HB identity of "Rods Tiger" - see link.
Ian Tindale, Jun 01 2005

       Yeah, but since that's gone, this can stay. It even provides a nice anchor for that wayback link.
st3f, Jun 01 2005

       A crotch-mounted slave flash bracket would be more fun - and lead to more cries of "What the hell was that?!".
hippo, Jun 01 2005

       st3f, - True (and on that note, I've also just popped the main link into my profile here).   

       One thing that the previous one didn't cover, which is interesting, is that other people could wear them, not just yourself. Thus, a news photography team could consist of, say, three people - two outriding lighting crew and the photographer with the camera. With correct surreptitious positioning of the crew, really good results could result from paparazzi situations.
Ian Tindale, Jun 01 2005


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