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Slobberproof show cigarette

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Nothing says "badass" like a cig hanging off your lip. But many places discourage smoking. And if not smoked, the cig tends to get soggy. Must you walk around clean empty mouthed like some vegan? Where is the panache?

BUNGCO has the fix. By slobberproofing the filter end of our imported cigs, they can remain in the mouth all day. Now sport that unlit cig on your lip wherever you please - airplanes, ICU, kindergarten - wherever! Be as cool as the French - and if there is no smoke there is no smoking.

bungston, Aug 07 2013

would it look like this? https://upload.wiki...igarette_holder.png
[Voice, Aug 08 2013]


       Ehh… I mean, come on. You must have seen folks sporting those fancy newfangled electronic cigarettes by now. Look pretty much like traditional ciggies, perfectly slobberproof, and on top of that you can “smoke” them without actually smoking—just inhaling vapor. Some even have a faux LED “tip” that lights up when you inhale.   

       Not gonna MFD baked this one, but… Just go to any convenience store and ask for one of these.
ytk, Aug 08 2013

       My old man could do with this. He gave up smoking but still likes to pretend, and goes through about a pack a week due to slobber.   

       Fake cigarettes just don't have the same feel - or taste - as the real thing.
mitxela, Aug 08 2013

       Also, you can't hang an e-cig off your lip, at least not without the aid of superglue.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 08 2013

       In all honesty, the first thing I think when I see a cigarette hanging from anyone's lip is 'moron.'
RayfordSteele, Aug 09 2013

       <rayfordsteele> have you watched Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction? I bet that wasn't the first thing you thought.
notripe, Aug 13 2013


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