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Beeper with lots of functions
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Everyone knows smartphones are a success, and beeper were a popular product, but they vanished they vanished after the exponential grow of cellphones, however, beepers are still being used in places like hospitals and businesses, so why not update their technology to this devices? they could have the ability to receive messages, email and voicemail, have a color display, games, personalized beeps, wi-fi, GPS and other stuff.
appdirect, Jun 23 2014

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       So... turn beepers into smartphones?   

       The main reason that many hospitals still use beepers is that they are relatively simple and will work in areas where the signal is too poor for a smartphone - like the basement of a large hospital that's built with a steel frame that blocks phone signals.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 23 2014

       [MaxwellBuchanan], is that a matter of the frequency-range used for beepers, vs the frequency ranges used for smarphone conversations? Why not just build the phone to include the beeper frequency range?
Vernon, Jun 24 2014

       I'm not sure if they operate on a different frequency, but they are widely cited as working in environments where mobile phones don't.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 24 2014

       I believe it an issue of signal integrity, not frequency. A high integrity signal is needed for lots of data. Pagers (in their current form) don't send or receive much data and can work in areas where signal strength is weak and integrity poor because the data can be transmitted in its entirety during the brief moments when the signal does exist.
LimpNotes, Jun 24 2014

       [+] Offline things like gps, and number-specific ringtones could be done and is a pretty good idea, perhaps incorporate a few more bits into the message for flags indicating priority, or pending text/voice-message in a phone-accessible mailbox,   

       but anything more complex/long-winded compromises the simplicity/price of the pager service. I haven't worn one in ages but remember that a simple telephone number, which is the only message a beeper gets, is less than 6 bytes of data even with an extension#.
FlyingToaster, Jun 24 2014

       Before their decline, beepers were developed with some of these functions (text messages, for instance).
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 24 2014


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