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Smartness Engine

For smartness -- to make it go
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Your stuff should learn what you like, right, in order to serve you with better and more effective advertisements?

So when I die on the cross and there is a crown of thorns and the Roman soldiers beating me up, more happened but that is the stuff about which the stories stuck around the longest.

So the next time I have to go through that I would prefer, now that we know what parts of the story were most effective, through 2000 years of feedback, to not have to go through all the shit that didn't matter so much, but to just go through and be served up with really effective shit, so maybe I could get the super size S&M soldiers this time, or alternatively, some hot groupies who technically qualify as soldiers, but who instead of torturing me actually give me a royal send off, either way, as long as it maximizes the story.

And speaking of royal send offs, when I'm watching porn, shouldn't there be a similar kind of principle at work, that watches my behavior and learns what kind of porn I like, using some kind of input like timing or biofeedback or frequency and then tweaks the output so that it optimizes my experience -- gives me highlights, goes right to my favorite category etc, and thus can better serve me up with ads?

And this would probably work in a lot of different circumstances.

So maybe there should be a generic "smartness" engine that takes generic input and serves up better output, that could be used as a platform for porn or crucifixions or any other experience.

JesusHChrist, Dec 05 2015

Francis was a smart ass. https://en.wikipedi...is_the_Talking_Mule
That true,, Wilbur. A Donkey engine, [popbottle, Dec 05 2015]

if [Jesus] had died in the electric chair http://atheismandme...-electric-chair.jpg
[Voice, Dec 06 2015]


       Ah - the first Christmas-themed post of the year.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 05 2015

       The trouble with that sort of thing (whether it’s used for porn learning, or other parts of reality (if there are really other parts)) is that it hones toward what already has been experienced and therefore impedes discovery of other weird b   

       ut enjoyable stuff that has not been discovered yet (by the person being the porn navigator). Also, I don’t believe there’s such a thing as recommending random weird but enjoyable stuff because other people who liked what you like also ordered one of these. That doesn’t mean this person will. It just meant a majority of other people will. Majorities are meaningless and to be avoided. What’s needed really is a bit of photocopier noise, to introduce mutation, most of whic   

       h will be just that — noise — but now and then will produce a valuable gem worth bookmarking. The downside of recommender engines is that you’ll end up with only top 50 products, and everything that’s an outlier will stay an outlier because it’s not b   

       ought by the majority, not stocked in shops that have shelves that can hold the top 50, and not recognised as commercially viable before it’s even released. You’ll end up with a locked-in high impedance barrier between the systemically-induced popular and the rest.
Ian Tindale, Dec 05 2015

       Sorry Misread Title as Smartass engine. See link.
popbottle, Dec 05 2015

       / to introduce mutation/   

       Tindale that is a pretty sweet idea. It makes me wonder how many variables are factored into those recommendation engines. Just one? Do I get recommended Z and C if I like X and M and B if I like N? Or do people who like both X and and M get recommended V also?   

       If it is just one variable it is hard to mutate it: random recommendations arent worth much. But if they factor in several variables, mutating one could add some good energy.   

       JHC what you posit is the promise of the mass mind. Even for things like martyrdom if one could lay out in an organized way a method to maximize return, that methods could be used for future endeavors by others. Ideally this would be used by administrators, many of whom I suspect are seat-of-pantsing it as they go.
bungston, Dec 06 2015

       [Ian] you have the most unusual paragraph breaks.
[JHC] I demand unfiltered input... just like real life.

       [2 fries] Your brain selects the input so is never unfiltered. Good luck beating your baby neuron kill off. Maybe forcing oneself to look at uninteresting stuff will balance out the reality of it all since reality is everything having the same level of detail.
wjt, Dec 06 2015


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