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Smokers' Masks

Mask with a rubber valved hole...
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This COVID mask has a normally-closed rubber bivalve that accepts cigarettes.

Smoke 'em if you got em. Don't burn your coffee filter in the process.

RayfordSteele, May 22 2020

Google Smokers Mask https://www.google....isch&q=smokers+mask
[kdf, May 22 2020]

Google Bong Mask https://www.google....bm=isch&q=bong+mask
[kdf, May 22 2020]


       WKTE. Googlinked.
kdf, May 22 2020

       What about a bong mask ?
bigsleep, May 22 2020

       Bun for such a mask that contains the entire cigarette and recirculates much of the resultant smoke and smell so as not to pollute the indoor airspace of others. [+]
whatrock, May 22 2020

       “Not polluting the air for others” is easy. Put the lit end in your mouth and don’t exhale.
kdf, May 22 2020

       ^ Chewing to the nth degree. >> Nicotine dosed tea via mask's straw valve?
wjt, May 23 2020


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