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Solid Fuel Lighter II

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It has all the appearances of a Zippo lighter. It opens up to reveal an ordinary flintwheel, and strikes an ordinary (if somewhat sulphurous) flame.

It is loaded with ordinary matches*, pressed one at a time into the spring-loaded magazine. The lever that presses on the hinged lid is geared to the reload mechanism, so that opening the lid ejects the burnt stub of the previous round and a fresh match slots into place.

(*Or the proprietary Solid Fuel Lighter FuelSticks, depending on the business model adopted.)

mitxela, Sep 23 2015


       I'm still thinking about this idea. I would genuinely pay money for a novelty lighter that did this. But I had to go and number it, didn't I, and rekindled the self-extinguishing candle...   

       Incidentally, what happened to number 5? Or is that one bad luck?
mitxela, Sep 25 2015

       #5 is missing in the same way as Chanel and Mambos #1-4 are missing. We do not talk about it.
bs0u0155, Sep 25 2015

       But Chanel #13 is beta-mercaptoethanol.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 25 2015

       ...with just a hint of cadaverine over a sandalwood base...
bs0u0155, Sep 25 2015

       Excellent. Have an extra crumb to assemble into a fully formed croissant.
xenzag, Sep 26 2015


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