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Specific Spectator Insulter

Let the idiot in the opposition stand know what you think of him.
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How many times have you been at a football match and, caught up in the moment, found yourself hugely irritated by the opposition fans? In specific not all of them, or even a group, but just the one? You know, that fat loud mouth wearing some offensive tee-shirt, standing on the seats, waiving his arms around, singing, not watching the match and making inflametory gestures to the group of fans you are in?

Its all too easy to get away with "mob" behaviour in a crowd. This might aleviate it. My idea is to rig up a network, supplying each seat with a transmitter, receiver and plan of the ground. Then, when the irate fan feels the need to have a go at the opposition, they just set the transmitter to send messages to the receiver in the seat of the offending fan. Now you can be much more personal with your opposing banter. And if other people also find him too much, they can do the same, till the volume of abuse transitted directly to the specific fan prevents his continued offensive behaviour.

mcscotland, Apr 18 2001

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       Show up on laser pointer day and burn the $#!@&* to ash.
phoenix, Mar 15 2002


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