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Spray on stubble

Ladies fight back!
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Fashionable ladies! You meet your swarthy acquaintances and administer the requisite air kiss. You come away with a bad case of beard burn! What defense do you have? None! Until now!

BUNGCO introduces Spray on Stubble. Available in a variety of tones to match any complexion, SOS is sharp edged silica, together with a light binder to make it adhere to your cheeks. SOS is invisible from a distance, but feels like the coarsest stubble every grown. Arm your cheeks with SOS and avenge that burn!

Also works for bikini area.

bungston, Oct 10 2005


       Plus this would be a good way to get a side job as a bearded lady at a circus.
hidden truths, Oct 11 2005

       Sigh...it's the time of year for pubic hair ideas, I guess.   

       I saw man recently who had done some clever geometric patterns with his five-oclock shadow - looked really cool.   

       I've never minded pubic stubble on a woman - it's all good :-)
normzone, Oct 11 2005

       Viz's top tips suggested that a man could achieve instant designed stubble by holding a magnet in his mouth and dipping his chin in a bowl of iron filings. I am not sure that a lady would want to perform the bikini line equivalent.
calum, Oct 11 2005

       I should have left out that last sentence. Too late now.
bungston, Oct 11 2005

       //You meet your swarthy acquaintances// and connect together like stickle bricks...
po, Oct 11 2005

       I Can't Believe It's Not Stubble....Sprayy!   

       Fabio should do the ads.
IcarusByNight, Oct 12 2005

       Could you possibly do many layers and make a beard?   

       Alas, for some ladies (perhaps from the Mediterranean or Eastern European countries) spray is not required. Myself being one of them.
PollyNo9, Oct 12 2005

       It would be a fabulous, crystalline fantasy beard - more like a layer of tinted frost than a hairy growth. It would crunch and snow when you talked.   

       I wonder how this product would look applied to hair? I think such things exist - some sort of spary on sparkle which is just fine glass beads in some sort of vehicle.
bungston, Oct 12 2005

       I was positive this would be an idea for ladies to keep unwanted guys from hitting on them. E.g. "Oh yuck, he's coming over here. Better stubble up my legs, armpits, and upper lip."
phundug, Oct 12 2005

       One of its many uses [phundug]. In fact I think that this would be its most commom use.
PollyNo9, Oct 12 2005

       Or for breaking up with a guy, OR for making your husband absolutely convinced that you are not having an affair -- there's no way she could meet anyone with those unshaven legs and the beard -- when in reality, she brushes it all off when she leaves the house.
phundug, Oct 12 2005

       Nothing like a beard for cuckolding your husband!
PollyNo9, Oct 12 2005

       how does that work?
po, Oct 12 2005

       I could do with some of this!! Nice one! (has anyone else seen the hairy old courtina andvert for nescaffe?)
Cambridge Dave, Oct 13 2005

jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005


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