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Square wheel communal bike

Anti theft device
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Communal bike schemes often fail because the bikes are all nicked. Even if the bikes are made ugly and unattractive they still get nicked.

I propose that the bikes have square wheels. The surface of the cycle tracks will be a hyperbolic cosine with an arc length of one side of the square (see link). Thus rendering the bicycle useless for any transportation off the tracks, but very usable on them.

pocmloc, Sep 20 2009

Square Wheel Tricycle http://www.youtube....watch?v=LgbWu8zJubo
on Youtube, from Texas A&M Physics Department [pocmloc, Sep 20 2009]


       // tracks //   

       The dedicated hyperbolic cosine cycleways will not be useful for anything much else, and stuff will accumulate in the bottom of the curves making them progressively less inviting.   

       If you're going to have "dedicated" bicycles, why not just have "tram rails" embedded in conventional cycleways, and design the (circular) wheels so they only work effectively on these rails (by profiling the circumference) ?
8th of 7, Sep 20 2009

       This reminds me of that time when I didn't have a lock for my bike and was forced to releasing the quik locks on both axles, renderring the bike dangerously unrideable to the unknowing potential thief.
jellydoughnut, Sep 20 2009

       Stupid idea.   

wagster, Sep 20 2009

       [8th] I think profiled rims would not make the bike useless, merely sub-optimal, which is not enough to deter casual theft.
pocmloc, Sep 20 2009

       Would the referenced bike wheel system be especially useful for cycling uphill/downhill? Or even upstairs?   

       And also, could the dedicated cycleway take the role of the tyre or the suspension, thus eliminating the requirement for the bike to require having it?   

       Also, is this something you feed to catholics?
Ian Tindale, Sep 20 2009


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