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Synthetic Wit Feeder

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sometimes in conversation nonsense can sound like wit.

So this is a one button application for your phone that spits out comments on demand for you to toss into a conversation so that you might seem witty or deep.

you press the button and on the screen pops a sentence that you can repeat aloud that has nothing to do with anything.

"the man with the blue shirt was my cousin too" "you sure do have some sexy dogs" "i never have arguments on a monday" ..........

vfrackis, May 13 2010


       Nice, [vfrackis]. The future is here, it's just not widely distributed yet.
wagster, May 13 2010

       Does it do spoonerisms?
zen_tom, May 13 2010

       i don't see why not ZT
vfrackis, May 13 2010

       Tecate is on sale this Weekend.
swimswim, May 13 2010

       vertical stripes make me feel like a sumo wrestler..
vfrackis, May 13 2010

       You will, Oscar, you will.
mouseposture, May 13 2010


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