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Talent idol

like pop idol just for normal people
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So far inthe world of TV we have had soapstars, popstars and popidol so I think we should give the normal people like ourselves to show of our talents. From cooking to car racing and anyone can enter
gizmo, Feb 03 2002

Extraordinary Talents http://www.halfbake...0Talents#1010403557
Similar, but on a website, and for possibly more useless talents. [-alx, Feb 03 2002]


       [gizmo mum] is my hero. Er, at least she seems pretty cool to me.
phoenix, Feb 03 2002

       There's not been a general purpose talent show on TV for a while, it's all singing. And even then, Opportunity Knocks and the like were limited to boring talents like impressionists, comedians and illusionists. I like the idea of having a show where you might have a cook, a cabinet maker, a showjumper and someone who can turn their eyelids inside out all competing for a big prize. That's what I call real variety.
pottedstu, Feb 04 2002


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