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Temporary nail tattoos

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When you hit your fingernail really hard, sometimes the nail will discolour and you’ll have a small white patch on the nail. If you gash the nailbed with a chisel, as happened to me a couple of weeks ago, you’ll have a small (or large) black mark on the nail from bleeding under the nail. These marks travel down the nail as the nail grows, eventually getting to the end when you will cut them off with nail clippers.

So, this idea is for a tattoo machine that can systematically and accurately injure the fingernail to create a design (of the fingernail-owner’s choosing) on the fingernail made up of black and white marks. This will last a few weeks as the nail grows out.
hippo, May 11 2018

thumbnail_20library [xenzag, May 11 2018]


       Been there.... see link.
xenzag, May 11 2018

       That’s just engraving though - it doesn’t have the element of unnecessary pain common to this idea and to tattooing
hippo, May 12 2018

       Ow… no thanks
notexactly, May 12 2018


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