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Tetrachromat dance theatre lighting

Tetrachromats see more different kinds of colors Thus a stage lighting person could make moving patterns with these colors to create lighting effects only part of an audience would see
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A stage lighting person could light up the main characters garments or area with moving shapes that would only be visible to tetrachromats notably women to create new kinds of emotive affect lighting

I think that with computers the light intensity could be dapplemasked such that only tetrachromats would see the emphasized forms

This is more than a postmodern gimmick to make an audience have different reactions its the kind of thing a choreographer could use on purpose to heighten their communication

I like viewing dance I definitely notice the erotic along with the fluid movemements as well as narrative I think a choreographer could actually emphasize to tetrachromats whatever narrative they preferred with motional tetrachromat lighting

Popular performers fairly recently had white parts on their garments so they would be more visible throughout the venue Tetrachromat tuned lasers give the same advantage bringing motion to the singer audience even if shes just standing there

beanangel, Jul 01 2010

bing tetrachromat http://www.bing.com/search?q=tetrachromat
[beanangel, Jul 01 2010]


       Reposting an idea does not make it a new idea.   

       And as I mentioned in the last post, tetrachromat humans, if they exist, don't see a wider range, and you will not be able to light precisely enough against a background to take advantage of their hypothetical ability to more closely distinguish colors.
MechE, Jul 01 2010


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