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The Whipper-Snipper picker upper

no...its not a paper towel
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I have just found out Aussie's call Weed wackers "whipper snippers".

My idea is to add a vacuum hose to rear portion of a weed wacker. The hose's intake will be large enough so that half of the circular shape of the weed wacking portion is covered by intake. The actual vaccuum will either be on large wheels so that it can be carted around a garden or will be strapped on one's back. The two machines' power supplies will be seperate with both hopefully being gas or battery powered to reduce on the hassle of electrical cords.

MrDaliLlama, Oct 22 2004

Yep! - thats it! http://www.freesear...ionary/weed+whacker
1st and 3rd items [gnomethang, Oct 24 2004]


       What do the English call Weed Wackers?
spiritualized, Oct 22 2004

       Pot pud pullers?
Back to the idea, I think your intakes will be too easily plugged.

       does it repel ducks?
benfrost, Oct 23 2004

       Of course, the straps would be fastened to your clothes, via whipper-snappers.   

       // What do the English call Weed Whackers? //   

       I dunno, but here in the US, they're known as the Drug Enforcement Agency.   

       (weed eaters, actually)
RayfordSteele, Oct 23 2004

       // What do the English call Weed Whackers? //
I think that we call them 'Strimmers'. If I am right in thinking that I know what a Weed Whacker or a Whipper Snipper is....
gnomethang, Oct 24 2004

       <off subject> [gnomethang] I bet a crusty dough you can't say that last sentence really fast over and over again<off subject>
skinflaps, Oct 24 2004

       In reference to [BrauBeaton]'s comment, the reason I put it in the back portion is so that it would prevent the cutting in the front and suck up the debris from the back.
MrDaliLlama, Oct 24 2004

       I've gotta side with [BrauBeaton] here...when these things cut, they spray grass all over the place, but mostly out the front and sides of the device. The vaccuum would need to be pretty substantial to suck it all back.
vigilante, Oct 25 2004

       I call mine Jim.
harderthanjesus, Oct 25 2004


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