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Three Gay Stooges

Why I oughtta....
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Gay is hip. Slapstick is back. I propose that the paragon of the slapstick form be rejuvenated by bringing back the Stooges as over-the-top multicultural gay queens. "House of Bugging" came close with some gay slapstick, but this would be overtly the Stooges.

As with the original series, the Stooges would be the heroes of each sketch. The physical comedy would remain, but would be different in a manner appropriate to the characters and the times. No more bricks or bats to the head. Slapping would remain, but not be limited to the cheek. I propose that Curly would have a soul patch and moustachios which would occasionally be seized by Mo. The "grab and twist" would no longer be confined to the nose.

bungston, Apr 30 2006


       Ew. Can't anything be innocent fun any more?
DrCurry, Apr 30 2006

       Of course it can. If you know what I mean...
methinksnot, Apr 30 2006

sninctown, May 02 2006

       yeah, I worry that outpouring will quash any reasoned discussion of the gay stooges concept.
bungston, May 02 2006

       Following [phlish]'s reasoning + [bungston]'s idea- Gay Schizophrenic Stooge.   

       Not really a good mix of ideas, is it? That's ok- I don't really like slapstick, anyway. In fact... I hate the Stooges. Yeah, that's right. I admit it- I hate the Stooges. <Waits for backlash from hardcore Stooges fans> Bring it on, Stoogie!
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 02 2006

       [phlish], you are wise to my ways. I will strive for greater subtlety in the future.
bungston, May 02 2006


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