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Turkey TV

cable TV channel
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My niche cable channel would show only shows that were cancelled after a half season or less. This would give everyone another chance to see such classics as "The Brady Brides" and "Joanie Loves Chachi."
aaslatten, Mar 19 2004

Baked One_20Season_20Wonders
[miggavin, May 06 2006]


       You could probably buy the rights to show the programmes dirt cheap as well.
britboy, Mar 19 2004

       <obligatory> Isn't this baked by the BBC? </obligatory>
saker, Mar 19 2004

       This is Baked, though I forget which channel.
DrCurry, Mar 19 2004

       Change 'were' to 'are' and you have this season's broadcast lineup.
swamilad, Mar 19 2004

       Gobble gobble.
Jinbish, May 06 2006


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