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Ticklish Door Knobs

Tee Hee Hee Tee Hee!
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Door knobs that are ticklish and giggle when touched.
jhomrighaus, Oct 06 2007


       hahahaha +
xandram, Oct 06 2007

       ..and knockers, I trust?
DrCurry, Oct 06 2007

       I'm gonna say it. "Rub my knob for a good time".
punk_punker, Oct 06 2007

       Ha Curry. That's funny!!! And I love the idea.   

       Kids love things that giggle when touched! Adults would learn to love em too. (Hope they don't morph into talking knobs, that say rude things once you have entered the room, behind your back so to speak. "Ehhh, been hitting the custard again fattso?')
blissmiss, Oct 06 2007


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