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Tiny Seattle [half]con

Join us.
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[half] and his other [half] are wandering by Seattle, WA, US. This is, of course, a wonderful excuse to have a halfcon. At present the confirmed attendees will be: me, [half] and Mrs[half], so we need more 'bakers! I believe at least a few others live somewhere in the area ([bz], are you in?).

If you plan to be near Seattle on August 21, then post a message here, then join us at the waterfront.

Details (subject to change if needed):

1 pm to ?, 8/21/05, next to Ivar's on Pier 54. Look for the seagulls, and some guy with a plush croissant/fishbone trying to convince said seagulls that it isn't food. I've linked to a map below.

Worldgineer, Jul 26 2005

Map http://www.keepclam...res_directions.html
On the south side of this place, by the water. [Worldgineer, Jul 26 2005]

Dancing Clams at Ivars http://www.ivars.ne...line_Home/1985.html
"Keep an eye out and KEEP CLAM!" [waugsqueke, Jul 27 2005]

They're hiring in California. http://www.ivars.ne...ca_description.html
"Dancing Clams are required to perform simple maneuvers such as walking, dancing and comunicating with legs and feet, while wearing a large clam shell over their arms and shoulders." [Worldgineer, Jul 27 2005]

Flashing Beeping Croissant For next time. [Worldgineer, Aug 22 2005]

for the rest of us that missed it. http://www.leanback...attle/mirror-world/
[po, Aug 29 2005]

More for you, [po]. http://www.vrseattl...browse.php?cat_id=1
[Worldgineer, Aug 29 2005]


       Nice idea - I'm afraid I'm in the wrong continent. Sorry.   

       The bun is to take along with you.
dbmag9, Jul 26 2005

       Love to... next year. I’m planning a hiking / camping trip out that way for Late ‘06. Maybe then. Enjoy.
Shz, Jul 26 2005

       Mmmm, Ivar's.
baconbrain, Jul 27 2005

       That is so great.
waugsqueke, Jul 27 2005

       Have fun! Hang on, if I start swimming now I might just get there.
skinflaps, Jul 27 2005

       [waugs] I've seen one of the dancing clams at some fair. They had an Ivar's booth set up, with a few dozen pairs of children's tapdance shoes and a wood floor. The dancing clam had kids put on the shoes and taught them how to tap dance.
Worldgineer, Jul 27 2005

       If [betterhalf] can figure a way out of it, it'll just be me and [Worldgineer] fattening the seagulls. Though, she did claim to have enjoyed our outing with [k_sra].
half, Jul 27 2005

       Of course, [k_sra] doesn't have a "gineer" in her name.
Worldgineer, Jul 27 2005

       I had no problem with Waug's link, perhaps whoever flagged could try again.   

       btw I'm jealous that you all will be meeting out on the left coast. Wish someone would do a mid-atlantic states con. Why not you ?(me) you ask. because I'm trying to figure a way to explain to my family how this would be a meeting of fellow addicts, for furtherment of the addiction.[to Hb]
dentworth, Jul 28 2005

       I'd be glad to attend a mid-atlantic half-con (perhaps somewhere in the region of La32.301498,Lo-64.799852), but then I have always wanted to visit Seattle as well.[+][+]

       <runs off to check flights>
zen_tom, Jul 28 2005

       [dent], just sneak off and don't tell anyone about it. That's the way of the true addict.   

       I was just trying to think of the other US halfcons that there have been, and realized that [waugs] and [bliss] probably have the record for longest lasting mini halfcon.
Worldgineer, Jul 28 2005

       Yeah, and we didn't even invite dbsousa, or sartep, who both live about 5 blocks from us. (Geez, we could have atleast invited their cats over for tea!)
blissmiss, Jul 28 2005

       <shiver> I hate cat tea. (sorry, where's [8th] when you need him?)
Worldgineer, Jul 28 2005

       [zen-tom] I give up, I can't find our atlas, where is 32-64, NY city?
dentworth, Jul 28 2005

       Looks like Bermuda
half, Jul 28 2005

       //Looks like Bermuda//   

       Heh. In the middle of the Atlantic, of course. I'm in.
Worldgineer, Jul 28 2005

       Tarnation. I finally get around to visiting Seattle and it'll be a week or two too late.
hidden truths, Jul 29 2005

       It is 1pm to ?, so maybe we'll still be there. Look for the very fat pigeons.
Worldgineer, Jul 29 2005

       Hmm, better check with my wife. We do need to get over to Seattle soon, just to stay sane.
oxen crossing, Jul 30 2005

       o.c ? Whoa...blast from the past! Get ye to Seattle. I don't believe you still exist.
blissmiss, Jul 30 2005

       My cats will be there...with bells on.   

       Fine, next Connecticon (I'm one of the founders) I'll hold a mini half con inside.   

       Actually, yes, the time has come for a midatlantic or northeastern half con.
sartep, Jul 30 2005

       Pity, [hidden truths]. Perhaps the problem is that I've finally gotten around to visiting Seattle and it's a week or two too early.   

       We'll keep an eye out for oxen crossing then. It shouldn't be too hard to spot something like that in the middle of a city.
half, Jul 31 2005

       Well, [bliss], I'm still here now and then, but from the new improved location of Spokane, WA.   

       I'll try to make it. First I have to fess up to checking out the 'bakery, suffer that wrath, and then bring up the Seattle thing. Don't hold your breath.
oxen crossing, Jul 31 2005

       Couldn't pass it off as a majorly big coincidence, bumping in to two halfbakers while weekending in Seattle? Maybe [World] has a hb t-shirt that you could "just happen to spot". Or, maybe he can suspend his plush croissant just above his head with a helium balloon or something, like a little thought bubble.
half, Aug 01 2005

       I have nearly completed* my balloonera prototype - perhaps I should attach my plush croissant.   

       * nearly completed, in this context, means taken apart a mini camera to save weight, then abandoned the project as I found other shiny things to play with.
Worldgineer, Aug 01 2005

       I can relate. But, I'm disappointed as I expected you to do some aerial mapping for Google Earth.
half, Aug 01 2005

       Don't get your hopes up. I mean, I may finish the prototype by then (just need to find an appropriately powered button battery to solder in), but the quality's about as good as a cell phone snapping pictures through cellophane.
Worldgineer, Aug 01 2005

       For some reason, I hadn't thought about actually doing an aerial survey of the halfcon for Google Earth. We really should do that. How are you at seagull training? Maybe just a telescoping rig of some sort, maybe 10 feet when extended.
half, Aug 01 2005

       Funny, Google Earth will have inspired my next passion: kite aerial photography. About $50 will get you the materials for a 3' x 8' kite. After that, it's anything from putting your camera on a timer (a pain, but a good starting point) to a full rig with radio controlled positioning.   

       But that's the future. For now I have a mini camera, some thread, and I can buy a balloon.
Worldgineer, Aug 01 2005

       How will you suspend the camera at a relatively stable angle from a single ballon? How will you trigger the camera? I assume we'd be talking about a tethered flight here to simplify matters.   

       If you have it ready by halfcon, I'll chip in for the balloon purchase. :)
half, Aug 01 2005

       How will I keep it stable? Um, I won't. I'm hoping the weight of the thing will help, but I expect the pictures to have some motion blur. Hey, it's a prototype.   

       How will I trigger it? Again I won't. There's a setting to snap a picture every second until the memory card is full (could be 80 pictures - I don't remember).
Worldgineer, Aug 02 2005

       My brother built a cheap miniature TV camera into a powered glider, which radioed a decent areial view back to any TV, set to a certain channel. Worked great, until he got to Burning Man, and the air was too thin to climb high enough before the motor battery went dead. Typical.   

       [still hoping to weasel a way to Seattle on the 21st. I have my opening line to my wife mostly ready, I'm just waiting for the right time.]
oxen crossing, Aug 02 2005

       Sorry, I won't be able to make it. Turns out that's the family camping trip weekend, planned months ago, no chance they'll want to camp in an RV park near Seattle. Have fun.
oxen crossing, Aug 03 2005

       [zen_tom]'s L/L La32.301498,Lo-64.799852) is the Azores, an area with which I have no experience whatever. {my bad. Bermuda is correct. Guess I was right about "no experience!" Oops. Just had a looksee with Google Earth}   

       I do get to Seattle once in a while, but won't make the half-con. Sorry, next time?   

       Hope the aerial camera works, I'vd dined at Ivars twice in my life, both times excellent food and surroundings.   

       Reminds me that I did build a tide measuring system that was quite half-baked, will post later.
csea, Aug 03 2005

       Aw, too bad, [oc].   

       Looks like it's still a one-and-a-[half]-con then.
half, Aug 03 2005

       [csea] The Azores are about 38.47°N 28.35°W - you want to curl round a little more to the SW.   

       Looks like I'm not going to make this particular halfcon - but I'm seriously keen on attending some kind of event.
zen_tom, Aug 03 2005

       Well, I think I see now how [betterhalf] is going to get out of the halfcon. There's a quilt shop a block south of Pike Place Market. I guess she won't have to be bored with all the 'gineering and 'baking stuff. So this might turn out to be an expensive halfcon for me, but at least I'll get out of going to another quilting shop. :)
half, Aug 03 2005

       is bris up for this? if not, why not? life's 2 short and I wish I could be there...
po, Aug 03 2005

       Whoa, hang on a second. We're actually camping the next weekend. We're actually spending weekend of 21st in greater Seattle area. I will actually be able to make it, but don't know for how long (have to drive back to Spovegas that afternoon). See you there.
oxen crossing, Aug 11 2005

       Great. Hope you can make it for a while. I don't think we'll be hanging out for hours and hours anyway since I'll have a bored wife somewhere in the vicinity. :)
half, Aug 11 2005

       I'll see your bored wife and raise you 2 kids.   

       [as in betting, not an offer]
oxen crossing, Aug 11 2005

       bris isn't going to make it. She's not well enough to do that. Her thoughts will be with you.
bristolz, Aug 11 2005

       if someone can send me the plane fare to Belfast then count me in. Its my birthday that week too.
etherman, Aug 11 2005

       There's a boat leaving Saturday morning [etherman]   

       [bris] I hope You feel well soon.
skinflaps, Aug 11 2005

       "Her thoughts will be with you", and mine with her.
half, Aug 13 2005

       what half said!
po, Aug 13 2005

       Okay, we're off on Yellow Brick Airlines in a couple of hours. (the locals might eventually get that reference, lame though it might be)   

       See ya'll tomorrow. Well, all y'all what's gonna be there anyhow: expecting [Worldgineer], still holding out hope for [oxen crossing], wondering if [zen_tom] found a flight and thinking about [bristolz] (but, only good thoughts for a change).   

       ([bz], would it convince you to join us if I said I was buying?)
half, Aug 20 2005

       Someone who's pretty much immobile, on O2 and sad is not very good company even though I have always tried never to miss free food.
bristolz, Aug 20 2005

       We speciallize at immobility here at the 'bakery. We can use some O2 to mix with [half]'s H2 after we get bored with the whole balloonera thing (you are bringing hydrogen balloons, right [half]? it was specified in the idea). I can't guarantee we can fix the sad bit, but combining fry-throwing excitement and the fact that I can juggle (well, kind of), we can certainly try.
Worldgineer, Aug 20 2005

       ;-) Thanks but no.
bristolz, Aug 20 2005

       traditionally, halfcons have a telephone link to guests who can't make it! I rang wagster the other evening to register my apologies for absence.   

       phone and make their day, bris!
po, Aug 20 2005

       missed ya [po]!
gnomethang, Aug 20 2005

       I sent you and skinny a hug!
po, Aug 20 2005

       Hey, where were you? I was next to, inside of, and in front of Ivar's (the right one) from 1:15 to 1:45. Hope everyone is OK. Still had a good weekend in Seattle anyway, so no big thing, but I still can't verify that there is more than one of you having a huge complicated debate with yourself on this site, and I'm just a stooge. Well, maybe catch up with you all next time.
oxen crossing, Aug 22 2005

       [oxen]! I assumed you hadn't come. We were at the fourth table on the side of the restaurant - plush half croissant proudly displayed. I showed up at around 1:10, [half] and his other half were there waiting. We did get up to get food at some point, but I had my croissant in hand - though on reflection it might have been more visible if I'd left it on the table. We stayed there until 2:30 or so.
Worldgineer, Aug 22 2005

       Hmph. Never saw the croissant; looked several times. Oh well. I'm allergic to mollusks anyway and I had a chance to hang out with a friend who just got back from Japan after 6 years for a couple hours, so it worked out well anyway.
oxen crossing, Aug 22 2005

       This should, of course, lead to an idea regarding infallibly hooking up with other bakers at such sites.
normzone, Aug 22 2005

       Done. (link)
Worldgineer, Aug 22 2005

       "Someone who's pretty much immobile, on O2 and sad is not very good company..." I'd say that you were probably right, had we been talking about just anybody. It makes me sad that circumstances have prevented my meeting you. I did think about you many times while we were in the area.   

       [oxen], sorry you missed us. I should have given you my cell phone number. My bad. I was looking forward to meeting you and was a little disappointed that you didn't show up. I'm sure [World] was disappointed as well since he had to talk to me the whole time.
half, Aug 28 2005

       Please know that if I could've I would've.
bristolz, Aug 28 2005

       I know. And, if I could've I would've.
half, Aug 29 2005

       Amazing find, [po]. Best application of Google Earth I've seen yet.
Worldgineer, Aug 29 2005

       OK it looks like I'm finally both in Seattle and back on the halfbakery. Out of interest can anyone suggest anywhere worth going/seeing here for someone down to a budget of bits of string?
hidden truths, Sep 06 2005

       Send me an e-mail and I'll give you a fairly long list.   

       Best free or close to free things to do:
1. go to the ballard locks on a weekend (you just missed a big one) - don't miss the salmon ladder on one side, though I'm not sure if any salmon are running righ now.
2. fly a kite in gasworks park, and watch the float planes take off
3. watch children play in the international fountain (walk north from the space needle)
4. the monorail's cheap. sure, it only goes half a mile or so...
Worldgineer, Sep 06 2005


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