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Toeless Leather Socks

The pediatrical analogue to fingerless leather gloves.
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For foot fetishists, natch.
Should drive 'em wild!
nihilo, May 27 2006


       perve :)   

       would 'em be cows?   

       why is this under theory? I must read the other two ideas before I fall asleep.
po, May 27 2006

       It's just theoretical until they actually exist.
nihilo, May 27 2006

       has anyone made a leather thong yet?   

       yuk, apparently so.
po, May 27 2006

       And the link [po]? You cannot just call the leather thong baked without offering some evidence, you know?
methinksnot, May 28 2006

       Yeah! what [methinksnot] said. We want leather thongs! We want leather thongs! Gooooo leather thongs!   

       [methinksnot], that's so cool that you want leather thongs too. Maybe we could, you know, just hang out sometime. You know, if that's cool with you. <holds up hand to head in international phone jesture> Call me.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 28 2006

       Will you still respect me in the morning?
methinksnot, May 28 2006

       sorry snotty, I can't bring myself to look at those links again.
po, May 28 2006

       Yes, I know how that goes [po]. You start innocently looking for links with which to substantiate your "baked!" claims; when Google can't find them you switch to Booble; one thong leads to another...
methinksnot, May 28 2006


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