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Transparent sun-focusing zeppelin

"concerns over the shade cast by a garden-based zeppelin can be dismissed."
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This zepplinoid transparent balloon is tethered above the garden. By virtue of its cunning shape, solar rays impinging on the balloon are focused onto the garden below, encouraging vigorous growth of plants in what would otherwise be a shady spot. The effect is similar to that seen by sun shining on a clear-walled 2-liter plastic beverage bottle, except more.

After some trial and error involving garden gnomes of different melting points, BUNGCO has added a thermometer-controlled winch to the tether. The zeppelin is automatically raised or lowered to maintain optimum grow conditions on the grownd below.

bungston, May 06 2013

Inspired by Max's anno in below linked. Onsite_20pelletizer...lk_20kitty_20litter
[bungston, May 06 2013]

Plastic bottle lens http://www.youtube....watch?v=QwQJ-3pZfwc
Because this worked, I thought a blimp of the same shape might also work. But it is harder if it must be filled with water. [bungston, May 17 2013]


       I envision this dirigible floating thru NYC in the Thanksgiving Day Parade, the float below it bathed in warm sun and topped by bronzed swimsuit models dancing to surf rock. As it passes, those watching along the route would partake in the augmented sun for a few moments before chilly November gloom returned.   

       In Britain such a dirigible would have the added advantage of providing a relatively rain-free area beneath.
bungston, May 06 2013

       How does the focussing work then? Fresnel lenses applied to the envelope?
pocmloc, May 06 2013

       [+] I like it...I even like your anno, too! I even like the spelling of //grownd//.
xandram, May 06 2013

       Speaking of dirigibles in Britain, I was just wondering about the thickness of the average overcast over London. I'm making the assumption that the lower bounds of the cloud layer is generally above 300 feet (on the grounds that most Londoners seem to be familiar with the appearance of the clock-faces on the Elizabeth Tower) - but if the *upper* surface is low enough, your zep could create a transparent photons-to-ground pathway all the way through the layer.
lurch, May 06 2013


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