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Trashcan/Kleenex Box

No more airballs at the wastebasket.
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You're sick in bed, blowin and blowin. What you need is a regular sized kleenex box that's also a compartment for the used tissues. As you empty one side you fill up the other. When you've used them all, throw the whole thing away. Maybe it's lined with plastic or something.
miggavin, Dec 12 2005


       I don't understand what this would look like... would you have to unwrinkle your used tissue before inserting it carefully into the refuse slot? If not, I'm afraid the refuse bin would have to be about 300 times
the size of the dispenser °u°
phundug, Dec 12 2005

       I hear where you're coming from [miggavin], and I like it. The 'bin' part should be a box that the Kleenex box comes in, to eliminate unused space during transport.   

       [phundug] - squish em in through a small slot and you'd only need a bin a little bigger than the box.
wagster, Dec 12 2005

       In the throes of sneezin and blowin, when I can go through three of four boxes in a day, I have been known to stuff old Kleenex boxes with used tissues; as phundug notes, you can't get nearly as many in as you get out.
DrCurry, Dec 12 2005

       It's true, tissues come folded just so, to save space. So two solutions. Fewer tissues to a box or some layers of baglike plastic lining the receptacle, as the bag fills up, you open the receptacle portion, pull it out, and theirs another bag in place underneath.
miggavin, Dec 13 2005

       I really like this one. I mean you could just put the waste basket right by your bed, but then you risk stepping in it in the midst of a congestion/medicine haze.
PollyNo9, Dec 13 2005

       Is there some way to absorb and use the energy in those hot-n-steamy nasal secretions? Shame to let that energy go to waste.
ed, Dec 20 2005

       Maybe make the bottom of the container spring loaded, so while you use up the tissue, the garbage recepticle gets bigger....   

       (Personally, airballs are fun... especially when your too sick to do much else then watch Maury... or Susan Lucci)
Juggalo4Eternity, Dec 20 2005

       Sounds like another ploy from all of those tissue box hoarders to keep the box to themselves. A tissue compactor for the discards would be a bonus.
Ponies for Parties, Dec 20 2005


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