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Trolley Tails

shop and seek
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I’ve spent a good deal of my life wandering the aisles of stores from cereals to pet foods to grapefruits looking for my wife and her shopping cart. Now maybe this idea would help me and other partner pursuers.

To the cart handle can be affixed a 2 meter high, flexible mast that holds one end of a thin, 100 meter long, nylon rope. Each rope comes in a distinct color or pattern of colors. The rope is thus supported over the cart chauffeur’s head and trails behind through all the turns and twists of shopping.

Now I just have to find the rope we chose in the beginning and follow it in the right direction when I see it move. I also must try not to step on any other ropes when they are moving.

FarmerJohn, May 29 2005


       tie stuff (i.e. tin cans, bagettes, bananas, small lost children, other cart tails) to the end of the wife's tail for the sheer devilment of it.
po, May 29 2005

       There you go.
FarmerJohn, May 30 2005

       how about just a 2 metre high flag... a little less visible, a lot less hazardous.
xaviergisz, May 30 2005

       where's the fun in that?
po, May 30 2005

       edit: (waiting for a GE post on tails for shoppers) now if you just want a braided colored rope, I'll go with that; or better yet, you can stay in the car.
dentworth, May 30 2005

       I don't know whom you're quoting but I can't stay in the car; I've got to go off on tangents to pick upp odd and expensive foods and products that I find irresistable.
FarmerJohn, May 31 2005

       love the image of FarmerJohn sneaking expensive and unnecessary items into trolley and Mrs FarmerJohn discarding them in unobtrusive places behind his back or when he is off on another one of his tangent journeys.
po, May 31 2005

       how about a lighter string held up with balloons
technobadger, May 31 2005

       Pet ants.   

       Yes, tie one to the back of your wife's trolley, and keep a bottle of his friends in your pocket.   

       Simply release some and follow them to your wife.
Ling, Jun 03 2005

       Nice, but it will only work if both parties wish to find each other. Let us assume my other half takes the cart/trolley to the cookie and snack section, while I sneak off to look at seafood. I could locate her whenever I want, however my covert crab-cake reconnoissance operation would be sucessful. She would not be able to find me.
ed, Jun 30 2005

       Flags without tails. To get over the visiblity problem, use a periscope (one placed in each aisle should do it).
sophocles, Jul 01 2005

       FarmerJohn, do you really need to buy that much from the supermarket anyway? I had imagined you with a heaving table of freshly picked produce and free range goodness from your farming interests. Herds of workers sitting round the table and tucking into hearty plates, that sort of thing.
benindubai, Jul 02 2005


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