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Turn-back-time Media

Take a radio station or TV channel, and broadcast the news of the past
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I mean, I was browsing different years on Wikipedia, and was thinking of how could I get a better picture, and some deeper immersion into what was happening in the past... Here from the idea - in sense of media, it is much easier to turn back time. Just replay all the radio stations and channels that were broadcastin something back then...

(for that purpose, I think some open media archives that would be as easy to listen to or watch as it is easy to turn on the Radio or TV, could be useful...).

Inyuki, Feb 10 2007

Halfbakery: The "TV of Yesteryear" Channel (2001) The_20_22TV_20of_20...eryear_22_20Channel
[jutta, Feb 11 2007]

Internet Archive http://www.archive.org/
They're not limited to HTML webpages - there are movies and audio recordings, too. But it's far from complete. [jutta, Feb 11 2007]

Search results for, On This Day. http://www.google.c...Google+Search&meta=
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 11 2007]


       Why not? It's probably just lying around in archives all over the world. Some re-editing, digitalising and presto there's a website that will attract millions of people each day. Some advertising will pay for it all. +
zeno, Feb 11 2007


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