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Twisty Bangle

A subtle telling of time
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A bangle that is segmented in several places (dependant to the style one wants to achieve.) As time goes by, parts of it twist and contort until a certain combination of numbers, words or symbols equal to the time and date.

Comes with bangle holder to keep it from migrating off night stand.

sartep, Jul 17 2003


       The cross-section would have to be round to stop the segments getting caught on things and messing up the working.
DrCurry, Jul 17 2003

       Can you provide a visual representation?
silverstormer, Jul 17 2003

       Well, I see it being bumpy almost like a few mild segmented S- shapes. Providing a visual will will have to be in CG 'cause my drawing skill is lacking. I forsee this as something that is as simple as a bangle that tells the passing of every 10 minutes to something that could accurately tell the date, hour and minutes.
sartep, Jul 17 2003


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