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Two-screen Laptop

A laptop with two monitors
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Proposed is a laptop computer with two hinges. A main hinge as seen in the prior art would separate a lower keyboard from an upper display assembly. A second hinge, on one side of the display assembly, would unfold to reveal two screens. A forward-looking screen would function as the primary display as in the prior art, and a side- mounted secondary display would provide extra screen space in high-end laptops intended to replace workstations. This hinge could fold from the rear forward, allowing the laptop to be used in single-screen mode. (A switch in the hinge would prevent others from seeing the second screen while in this mode of operation.) Another embodiment would be for the screen to fold from the front rearward. This would prevent the use of single-screen mode, but it would be significantly more durable.
kevinthenerd, Jan 25 2012

Multiple monitor laptops http://www.google.c...tor laptop&tbm=isch
[mitxela, Jan 25 2012]

Neat two-screen loptap. http://www.telegrap...e-by-Christmas.html
But it's not a Mac. [MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 25 2012]

Kyocera Echo http://www.echobykyocera.com/
The pocket-sized version [neutrinos_shadow, Jan 25 2012]

Lenovo w700ds (for dual screen) http://shop.lenovo....pad/w-series/w700ds
[MisterQED, Jan 25 2012]

TFT Shutters TFT_20Shutters
A wee bit redundant [skinflaps, Jan 26 2012]


       Ooh! I want one of these. I wonder if a MacBook could be modified in this way?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 25 2012

       Yes. "Take one hammer and one chisel ...."
8th of 7, Jan 25 2012

       Hang on... see link.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 25 2012

       Multiple monitors on laptops never caught on mainly because they cripple your battery life and increase the weight.   

       [Max] it's not impossible to install OS X on machines which don't have a shiny white apple on them. Google 'hackintosh'
mitxela, Jan 25 2012

       Baked two years ago by Lenovo (link).
MisterQED, Jan 25 2012


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