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UV protection contact lenses

contacts that filter out UV
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Stare into the sun w/o worrying about going blind! wear UV filter contacts.... :)
mhh5, Dec 11 2000

Sunblock Eyedrops http://www.halfbake...Sunblock_20eyedrops
Liquid version. [egnor, Dec 11 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Disposable UV filter contact lenses http://www.opto.com...public/mdfx55uv.htm
Baked already. Incidentally, I read recently that people who have had their eyes' lenses replaced because of cataracts lose the eye's natural UV filtering and hence are able to see a little way into the ultraviolet spectrum. Does anyone know what this is like? [hippo, Dec 11 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Optical brighteners and deer vision http://www.atsko.com/pigments.htm
In regard to your question, hippo. Can't provide a first person account of this, sorry. [reensure, Dec 11 2000]

Real "reverse color blindness" http://www.redherri.../mag-mutant-86.html
[egnor, Dec 11 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Another possibility: Put a pinhole in one side of a box, tape a white sheet of paper into the box side opposite the pinhole and place the whole box on your head.

Get a lesson in night navigation without instruments.
reensure, Dec 13 2000

       I think you're confusing "UV reflective" with "fluorescent". The kind of "UV ink" that is only visible to someone with UV vision won't do anything particularly notable under "black light" (though someone with UV-sensitive vision would find "black light" somewhat less than black).
egnor, Dec 15 2000

       There are three damaging components to sunlight. The U.V. component, the thermal component, and the light-quantity component. You could have contacts that blocked 100% of U.V. light and still severely damage elements of the eyes such as the vitreous and the cornea with the thermal component alone. You could block out 100% of the U.V. and 99.9% of the thermal component, and still permanently fry your retinas with an overload of visible light from a source as strong as the sun.
eyeguy, Jan 27 2004


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