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Venn Continental Rings

Demographic venn diagram as a visual description of your city, county, state or country
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Imagine if you will 6 olympic style rings - one each for the Earth''s continents (minus Antartica - there are no peoples from this continent, more anon.)

From your town's census information, create a venn diagram of the coloured rings to show your localities demographics. The size of the venn cross over areas show the size of those populations ie. Europe and North America cross over show all euro-Americans, North America and Africa show Afro-Americans or Asia and Europe show British Asians. The larger the population, the larger the venn area.

The venn demographic can then be used as a unique piece of art on city stationery. Visually impactful and insightful.

jonthegeologist, Nov 08 2003

How many continents? http://geography.ab.../blqzcontinents.htm
This explains the confusion. [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia....that's 6 without Antarctica
lintkeeper2, Nov 08 2003

       Europe and Asia are one continent, Eurasia. But see link - apparently there are other geographical discrepancies.   

       I'll go with whatever number jon decides works for his intent. (By all means, yank all this too if want, jon, link and all. I know it's off track.)
waugsqueke, Nov 08 2003

       How do you draw six rings in such a way that all permutations are possible?   

       Is continent of origin really an interesting category? How useful is it to distinguish between Egyptians and Palestinian arabs but not between Palestinians and Vietnamese?
Monkfish, Nov 08 2003

       We had an idea once for a town like this, where everyone was segregated by their sociopolitical beliefs. The idea was that you'd be happier if your neighbors had a similar world-view. No diagrams though.
phoenix, Nov 08 2003


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