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Vestigial Tail Spotting Spectacles

You Can't Lead The Horse to Water If You Think It's a Hog
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These special spectacles are connected via Bluetooth to a large database of derriere pictures and a special program designed to spot people on the street likely to have vestigial tails. The inside screen then shows the person with their (probable) vestigial tail in digitally enhanced real-time.

Thus, the clever marketeer can then discreetly approach the target with a range of full color brochures of the GROGco Vestigial Tail Undergarments.

(See Link Below)

Not sold in stores.

Grogster, Apr 30 2012

Vestigial Tail Underpants Vestigial_20Tail_20Underpants
[Grogster, Apr 30 2012]

Rule 34 http://blog.itsreal...05/IR-1-489x327.jpg
[tatterdemalion, Apr 30 2012]


       In the unlikely event the target INSISTS they don't have a vestigial tail, you can always market them as a handy place to keep burritos nice and warm until ready to eat. Granted, you may have to run after them to let them know. A decent salesman wouldn't let a trifling detail [like a target recoiling in outright disgust] keep him from making the sale...
Grogster, Apr 30 2012

       This technology is little different from that which camera manufacturers use to distinguish faces. Defining a rump is fairly simple. They range from baggy to spectacular. This software simply looks for tell-tail (<<<sorry, not) lumps above the rumps.   

       As a person walks, you can detect subtle differences in their clothing, such as when someone is trying to conceal a sawed-off shotgun in his pants. Thus, lump + 12 inches of rope-like <something> = Likely Target.   

       Sounds like magic, [21]? I'd hate to be the guy that has to explain a blender to you...
Grogster, Apr 30 2012

       12 inch tail? That's not vestigial... unless all penises are vestigial.
UnaBubba, Apr 30 2012

       Good Point, [Una]... guys just get into the habit of saying things the size of cocktail weenees are six inches long. Go fishing with me sometime... (honest, all the Columbia River sturgeon look like whales)
Grogster, Apr 30 2012

       <controversial joke alert>That's why women can't estimate distance properly. They're used to being told that something actually 4 inches long is at least 8 inches.</cja>
UnaBubba, Apr 30 2012


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