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Wake Up In A Field 2

Have a horrible morning.
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Inspired by what I thought Wagster's idea of the same name was going to be.

A service that, when given a target, transports a heavy sleeper from his bed and into a field in the middle of nowhere.

For a fee, other set dressings can be added, such as blood on the sleeper's clothing and a pistol in his hand, several used prophylactics in his pockets, or a circle of cultists mumbling over him and then running away as he wakes.

notmarkflynn, Sep 27 2009


       <nemesis>Awful, awful, idea. If you want to inconvenience someone, cut their legs off; if you want to implicate them in a crime, do it thoroughly.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Oct 04 2009

       That probably sounds like kind of a good morning to some people given a certain jackass/ dirty sanchez mind-set these days. Apparently half the population? (The other half being incredible puritans if all this groping paranoia is anything to go by) Also reminds me of We can rememer it for you wholesale/ total recall
DDRopDeadly, Nov 08 2017


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