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Wall Masher

A Major League kitchen aid
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The device;

A large disc with a textured non-stick surface, mounted on a spare wall in or near the kitchen. The disc has a prominent raised rim except at one point (which is at the bottom of the disc when it is hung correctly) where there is something resembling a pouring lip.

The method;

Boil desired quantity of peeled potatoes in lightly salted water. Drain and allow to cool until safe to handle. Take spuds one at a time and drill out a small plug using an apple corer. Insert chunks of butter (preferably New Zealand but a lesser quality Northern Hemisphere type may be substituted) in the hole. Hurl / pitch / bowl the buttered spuds at the Wall Masher. Collect prepared dish from recepticle mounted below the unit. Wipe unit clean with tongue.

ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 09 2005


       Yes. But I will use crème fraîche instead of butter.
calum, Aug 09 2005

       I'm worried your method will result in more in-flight crème fraîche splatter [calum] - won't you have to plug the core after crème fraîche insertion?
coprocephalous, Aug 09 2005

       silly boys
dentworth, Aug 09 2005

       Mmmm - Vichyssois.
Shz, Aug 09 2005

       //Mmmm - Vichyssois// For that, you'd have to take a leek.
coprocephalous, Aug 09 2005

       The eyes have it.   

       I figure the leek can go in a hole as well. I must have a leek. Soupe de pommes de terre est emmerdant.
Shz, Aug 09 2005

       Brilliant. I like to carve a face into a pumpkin, then pick it up and grind it into the masher. Feel much better now.
moomintroll, Aug 09 2005

       Combine the wall masher with a T-shirt gun, and you have dinner and a show.
anandwshere, Aug 25 2009


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