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Wart branding

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Manufacturers and suppliers should be legally obliged to permanently mark (engrave, laser etch, hot print) on any wall wart supplied as-new with a piece of equipment the company name and exact model number of the associated device, thus ensuring a slightly greater chance of reconciling multiple anonymous power supplies with the correct equipment.

That is all.

("Let's all" disclaimer).

8th of 7, Mar 20 2017


       Good move. Some of my favourite ones actually say which thing they're for (Tascam 424 portastudio for example - top marks, Tascam).   

       In recent years I've taken to buying packs of little paper and string swing tags - tiny ones - from stationers (or tobacconists, I wasn't paying attention, no keys were being cut, so it wasn't cobblers). I write the device on two tags and a tag goes on each end - so that I can plug the thing in easily among a sea of similar wires in the dark at the back of the devices while balancing on the edge of one foot, and also at the other end so that I can unplug accurately among the sea of mains adaptors on the floor with the most diverse set of shapes and directions of plug packs imagineable.   

       I also do this to hdmi leads (and SDI leads).   

       Incidentally, could I also add a request along with yours? Manufacturers - make your fucking minds up - which way does the cable point outward - top, or bottom? Also, manufacturers - how dare you - stop taking up more than your fair share of width, so I can plug other things alongside, in the mains distribution adaptor that I have actually paid for and bought and own, and now there you are, soaking up a pair of blank sockets either side of your fat ugly thoughtless selfish inconsiderate mains adaptor that can't fit alongside other ones. Bastard.
Ian Tindale, Mar 20 2017

       I thought this was a removal technique.   

       I have it on good authority (lewstanley? you there?) it does not work.
bungston, Mar 29 2017


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