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Cut weedcloth with heat
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Woven weedcloth is very useful in home gardens and in horticulture.

However it lasts "forever", can get overgrown, and disappear until its fraying edges meet your weed-trimmer.

Chonk. A ruined weed trimmer, not worth fixing.

In my next incarnation I would like to see retailers cutting weedcloth off the roll with an electrically heated blade that seals the edges as it cuts.

It would look like one of those transformer soldering tools that give instant heat.

If I have a big garden I will expect to be able to buy one of their handy little cutters to increase the utility of my weedcloth.

Tremendous trivia? Yes. But that's what life consists of I suspect.

rayfo, Jun 18 2001


       Or use a cigarette lighter (I'm assuming the cloth is made of nylon or something? I'm unfamiliar with them). But yes, it would save time and effort if the store did it for you.
PotatoStew, Jun 18 2001

       My soldering gun came with a 'plastic cutting' tip.
StarChaser, Jun 18 2001


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