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Wet Mouth Shovel Licker

the worlds first anti-antimysophobia device for the garden
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if you happen to have a pathological fear of contact with dirt and you like to garden this is the product for you

it's a device that looks like a large dirty mouth sitting in your garden. It has a rubbery spongy tongue reddish pink in color, and a hose attached at the back. The water pressure activates the licking and slobbering mechanical jaw action when you stick a shovel into it.

You stick your shovel in and it cleans it off thus forcing you to confront your fear while trying to avoid it.

vfrackis, Jun 08 2009

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       Tries to remember last time I felt compelled to lick dirt off a shovel...... Nope - think I can safely say that's a new one on me. [+] for your pain if you suffer from this condition.... ever thought about sprinkling chocolate bits on your dirt piles instead?
xenzag, Jun 08 2009


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