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Whale Dive 2

Tourist submarine on the nose of a sperm whale
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For a more natural submarining experience... A tourist is fitted in to single-person armor-glass capsule at the surface. This capsule is engineered to withstand crushing depths while giving an unobstructed view out. The capsule resembles a human-sized torpedo. A sperm whale swims to the loading point, receiving as payment a vat of fresh krill. The tourist in capsule is tethered to the nose of the sperm whale via a form- fitting suction mechanism. Floodlights attached to the capsule ensure that the tourist can see the ocean fade into blackness and helps the sperm whale navigate the depths. The whale begins its dive...doing what whales do. Two hours later, the whale returns to the loading point and receives another vat of krill, the amount dependent on the depth and duration of the dive.
sninctown, Dec 12 2019

Humpbacks, not sperms ... https://www.chrismoore.com/books/fluke/
[normzone, Dec 13 2019]


       Whale oil beef hooked... (+)   

       I'm thinking entry and exit is what I'm paying for - the rest is cold and dark - unless, of course, Christopher Moore is involved ...
normzone, Dec 13 2019

       //I'm thinking entry and exit is what I'm paying for - the rest is cold and dark//   

       That's an excellent metaphor.
Voice, Dec 13 2019

       I'm sure the whale will learn to make the ride exciting for larger tip vats. It's a trillion to one lottery that a trip will get stuck between the sperm whale and a giant squid. Suction mechanisms may even evoke bad memories.   

       Although, our tech may not be up to it yet for a whale carriage subtle enough.
wjt, Dec 14 2019

       Nothing to do with a seedy, pickup pub for the mobidly obese, then...
RayfordSteele, Dec 14 2019


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