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Locates whores in local area.
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The WhoreFinder is a tiny radio and GPS based device that street prostitutes can buy. The device emits a coded signal that can be recieved by anyone with the matching receiver unit. The receiver unit contains a GPS system that will guide the customer to the nearest whore matching his/her requirements.

The "whore" unit is carried by the whore, and can transmit data about her fees, sexual proclivities, appearance etc....

The "john" unit is carried by the prospective customer and will list all local whores by appearance, fees, etc.....

Both units require a monthly subscription fee.

adm, Feb 08 2001

link from AroundTUIT http://www.findarti...is_3_64/ai_60059931
gaydar [Around TUIT, Oct 05 2004]


       Test market in Amsterdam?
darth_smoothies, Feb 08 2001

       Because prostitution is such a high margin business that they can easily afford toys like this?
egnor, Feb 08 2001

       This would certainly save police sting operations a lot of time and bother.
Monkfish, Feb 08 2001

       Are you a cop? A lazy one maybe?
zigness, May 08 2004

       The way I hear it, you only need to drive around the right/wrong part of town and they will find you.
half, May 08 2004

       LOL !!! Great for whore users.
NeoPiter, Jul 05 2004

       Surely this is now redundant with Bluetooth and the appropriate name?. BTW In Amsterdam I suspect that the phrase 'Information Overload' may apply given that you can lob an apple core past 30 working girls.
gnomethang, Jul 05 2004

       Why an apple core?
bristolz, Sep 04 2004

       No reason - just a colloquialism for a universally recognisable distance (to small children anyway!).
gnomethang, Sep 04 2004

       Buy both, and you've got a "pimp" unit.   

       Extra feature for married "johns" - automatic cut-off when the device is at the gps location of the user's home.
robinism, Sep 04 2004

       kinda of baked.... Ever hear of Gaydar? Same principle, but taken a lot further.   

       How about transferring medical records as well?   

       I can't support streetwalking though. Established businesses are one thing, but there is really no justicification for streetwalking if prostitution is legal. I would want any business wandering the streets in my neighborhood looking for business. Especially 24 hours a day.   

       Ingenious, but no dice. Go fish.
Around TUIT, Sep 05 2004


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