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WiFi Leaseback

Multiply Public(ish) Hotspots
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This is based on the assumption that most ISPs are also trying to establish networks of wi-fi hotpsots for subscribers.

It is also dependent on the fact that almost every single home or business that has an internet connection has a wireless access point on it.

Given that, it would make sense for the ISPS to offer to their fixed base customers the option to lease back some of their connection for use as a public wi-fi point. This could be done either by simply configuring the wireless router correctly, or possibly by adding a second router. Either way, the customer should have the ability to define the usage they will allow (in terms of percentage of available bandwidth and times for it to be locked out, for instance), and in return the ISP refunds some of their fees.

All of this could be done on a straight lease someone other than your ISP, but that is likely to be a TOS violation.

MechE, Mar 03 2015


       Comcast did this, but without compensation or permission.
Spacecoyote, Mar 03 2015

       I hadn't seen that one. I admit it's prior art. This assumes that the customer retains ownership of the router and it's settings.
MechE, Mar 03 2015

       In the UK, BT already do this by stealth.   

       If you sign up for their broadband package, and use their supplied router, It broiadcasts open channels called "BTWiFi" on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz (802.11a) bands.   

       They sneak it in under their "Standard d Terms And Conditions" , cleverly not for the broadband service but for the analog voice line that the broadband's piggybacked on.   

       Baked but not widely known to exist ....
8th of 7, Mar 03 2015

       It sounds like the idea of doing it as a leaseback rather than simply screwing over your customers is at least original, as is the resulting ability to do it on customer owned equipment.
MechE, Mar 03 2015

       // rather than simply screwing over your customers is at least original //   

       Unique, rather ...
8th of 7, Mar 03 2015


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