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Windricity 2

Global magnetic field plus wind plus jump-rope motion yields Alternating Current.
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This Idea takes the original (linked) WIndricity notion in a new direction. We start with two tall towers maybe half-a- kilometer apart on an east-west axis, with a cable suspended between (probably made of carbon nanotubes, for both strength and light- ness).

Attached to the cable are airfoils of a specific design. A west- to- east wind will generally blow along the length of the cable; we want the attached airfoils to impart a sideways motion to the cable. For small amounts of wind, the cable will probably swing back and forth. But for larger amounts of wind, the cable will swing in a large circular pattern, much like two children moving a jump-rope they hold while on a playground.

This motion of the electrically conductive cable will pass through some of the Earth's magnetic field-lines, and generate electricity along the length of the cable. Due to the circular motion, alternating current will be produced, at a fairly low frequency. If it takes 5 seconds for the cable to make one complete circle, then the alternating current frequency will be 5 seconds per cycle, or 1/5 Hertz.

It also won't be a large amount of current that gets generated. But that is OK, here at the HalfBakery.

Vernon, Jul 11 2015

Windricity Windricity
For some relevant background information. [Vernon, Jul 11 2015]




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