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Zip Twizzler

Handy Dandy Candy Zip-tie!
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Forget plastic zip-ties! These will come in many fruit flavors, as well as other favorites like chocolate, vanilla, etc. Going on a picnic? Zip up your eating utensils in a rolled napkin, and bite free when you need 'em. Save the tie for dessert! With added nutritional value, can come in handy during a zombie outbreak, as you can sustain yourself from these ties, if used throughout the office to tidy up cable clutter!
spacer, Dec 30 2014


       This idea needs a technical description of the fastening mechanism. until then. [-]
Voice, Dec 30 2014

       Maybe it is just the adhesive property of moist candy. Not sure I would trust that to keep my pants up.   

       Ok I might.
bungston, Dec 31 2014

       Wouldn't the locking mechanism be exactly the same? Only the sweetie material strength would be less,even if molded properly. Maybe there is a sugary fibreglass analog to replace the plastic .
wjt, Dec 31 2014

       The locking mechanism would be the same as with a standard zip tie, though may be a bit more coarse compared to what you can do with plastic. This tie would be a little thicker, too, to add a little strength, though this wouldn't be something you'd want to use to secure the bumper to your car or anything (yeah, I've seen people do that).
spacer, Jan 01 2015

       (+) This is zapsolutely fasteneating.   


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