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Zombie computer army volunteers

Let your robot fight for your country.
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Zombie computers are zombies in the old voodoo sense - computers infected with some program such that they can be taken over in the dead of night to do the bidding of some remote power. Usually these are for nefarious purposes. But it is increasingly evident that Uncle Sam and other big government players use zombie computers and such for cyber warfare and espionage. My Compaq could help with that; it's not doing much else these days.

The volunteers system would allow chosen players to commandeer your computer to serve in their zombie army. It would be like the screensaver SETI analysis or other systems where computer time is offered by citizens.

bungston, May 19 2011

Back from the future http://xkcd.com/716/
Bungston is due for one of these events [Twizz, May 20 2011]


       pretty sure that's baked: China.
FlyingToaster, May 19 2011

       It seems [bungston]'s trying to conceive key ideas that will lead to some sort of technological apocalypse, in this case zombie computers, that will make himself a target of time travellers from the future sent back in time to destroy him in order to prevent these very postings. One can only speculate why he desires this, perhaps so he can steal their time machine for his own use, I cant be sure. But one thing is for certain, he's drawing close to what will be referred to as idea zero.
rcarty, May 19 2011

       /time travellers from the future sent back in time to destroy him/   

       So that's who those dudes were! Turns out they'll do just about anything for Skittles. But I'm scared to take the time machine out for another spin after I altered the future that once, so it stays in the basement for now.
bungston, May 20 2011

       My time machine works perfectly, but only at the rate of 1
Twizz, May 20 2011

       Mine's on the fritz, I seem to be perpetually stuck in 5 minutes ago.
RayfordSteele, May 20 2011


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