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"best mileage" and "safest" buttons for driverless cars

Just press a button (touch a lozenge) to get 5% more fuel efficiency, or if you prefer, greatest safety in driverless cars.
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I think this one is inevitable so perhaps it is too obvious to be an idea.

A driverless car, using GPS and traffic density maps (these already exist) could go the route that maximizes fuel efficiency (gas or electric). Just press a button or lozenge or any activateable area of a touchscreen.

Perhaps there is a choice between a 35 MPH road and a 50 MPH road. I perceive that the 35 MPH road is more fuel efficient, so the car takes that one. If things go really well perhaps 5% better mileage could be possible.

Similarly the car could also go the safest route.

I think this is inevitable, but perhaps like 1-click ordering It would be beneficial to make this public domain ahead of time.

beanangel, May 02 2018


       Safety for who, vehicle passengers or pedestrians ?   

       The two may well prove to be mutually exclusive. Well, they will when our patches get downloaded into the vehicles ...
8th of 7, May 02 2018

       We need to teach beany the meaning of the word 'at.' Replace with 'in.'   

       I'm curious as to what happens when all of these cars try to maximize fuel economy at the same time. Do those routes end up getting completely clogged, wasting gas more? Not that everyone is headed the same place, but it would seem to be a very tricky sort of game of optimization of a group where no one really wins because everyone has the same strategy. Where's John Nash when you need him?
RayfordSteele, May 02 2018

       Next to it, a big red button for Idiot Boy Racer Mode. Since that's too much text for a button, it'll probably need a suggestive icon.
pertinax, May 05 2018

       //We need to teach beany the meaning of the word 'at.' Replace with 'in.' // It's one of his endearatg affectations. At other respects, his English is quite coherent, so we can only assume that his atappropriate use of "at" is attentional.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2018

       It seems to me to be a correction regarding the discrepancy between containment; and outside but alongsideness. The at is like going to the shops, I’m at Maplin’s, but not in it. If someone phones me to find me I can say I’m at Maplin’s, and they’ll look outside for me, but won’t go in and expect to find me.   

       In the case of ‘safety at driverless cars’, for example, the safety is a meta aspect, a kind of ‘about’ driverless cars, without the safety necessarily being thought of as inside a driverless car. If it were inside, precisely where is it? On a seat? In the motor? In the boot? On the roofrack? No, it is ‘all about’ it, sort of like a small cloud or a mist around it. There’s no need to go inside to go looking for it, it is standing outside.
Ian Tindale, May 05 2018

       there's been pretty significant backlash to Waze growing in various small strategically located towns.
theircompetitor, May 05 2018

       Good idea [+]
not_morrison_rm, May 05 2018

       //a kind of ‘about’ driverless cars// so, sort of "of", then?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2018

       Indeed – that would be a preferable substitution. beanangel, you should start using ‘of’ where you currently mis-use ‘at’ because you don’t allow the use of ‘in’ in such circumstances.   

       Similarly I don’t allow myself to use the word ‘right’ (the opposite of ‘wrong’) in the sense that other people use for ‘correct’, I substitute it with ‘correct’ instead (and therefore also, ‘incorrect’ instead of using the word ‘wrong’). I will use the word ‘right’ when referring to the direction, the opposite of ‘left’. The problem is that the word ‘right’ is overloaded, and one of the overloaded meanings is negated, so I’d rather not use it.
Ian Tindale, May 05 2018

       You're right, [Ian].
MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2018

       Actually the thing about pedantry is you could have suggested I be more comprehensive than just mentioning button or lozenge to include "menu item" and/or "activateable touch screen area"
beanangel, May 05 2018

       I just assumed you meant some kind of hotspot.
Ian Tindale, May 06 2018

       There is no point in having a button that switches between "safest" and "best mileage".   

       "So, Mrs. - ah - Glimpson, shortly before the accident you had, of your own volition, knowingly switched to a driving mode that would save you a few pence on your petrol bill? And you did this, knowing that the alternative was "safest", a mode which might well have saved the lives of those eighteen octagenarians and their grandchildren, as well as that of the bus driver and pole dancers?"   

       You'd be better off marking them "Safest" and "I'd like to be held liable".
MaxwellBuchanan, May 06 2018


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