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"special" controller game rental service

A game rental service where you can rent any special controller that a game requires
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I prefer to rent my games before I buy them. Unfortunately, that isn't really feasible if the game requires anything more than the controllers I already have (such as a guitar, drums, or a gun, to name a few) so I basically have to BUY the game without any prior knowledge of how well the game plays! How about a game rental service where you can rent "regular" games as you usually would, but if the game calls for a controller other than the system's "main controller" e.g. guitar hero, Wii fit, etc. they could give you a box that has everything you need- the game itself AND the special controller.

Also, a place like this should also give you instructions with the games, even if it's a normal game- While many games have onscreen instructions or fairly simple controls, in some cases you get complex controls with visual cues! On several games I've rented, this has been the case, and I was basically on my own trying to figure out the controls.

Dickcheney6, Aug 24 2008


       The problem is that normal games are just a disc. Rental places have a machine that can quickly and cheaply fix trashed discs. When you throw hardware like controllers into the mix, the cost of replacing the hardware after the nth customer must be accounted for, so you'd end up paying half the MSRP just to rent the game.   

       A printout of the instructions would be cheap to include and is a good idea, so +
Spacecoyote, Aug 24 2008


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