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anti-trachoma goggles

cheap plastic-film goggles to keep flies off eyes
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During the war we were issued with very cheaply-produced 'gas-goggles' which would be just the thing to keep flies off tropical people's eyes at a vastly lower cost than expensive insecticide programmes. That should be one of the objects of one of the aid-funds concerned.
hedley, Jul 24 2000


       See page 22, New Scientist 22 Jul 2000 - for a similar idea - the Fergusson Fly Trap - made from two plastic fizz bottles. Invented in New Zealand in 1997 it is now used everywhere, having e.g. reduced trachoma cases 36% in Kenya. The same bottles could make goggles too. - rayfo, Jul 29 2000
rayfo, Jul 28 2000


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