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auto windscreen wipers

Moisture detection spot controls windscreen wipers
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A section of windscreens has moisture detection, prob using conduction. Maybe a pressure sensor? maybe capacitive

It's hooked up to the control of the windscreen wipers.

Harder it rains, harder they go

lostmind, Jan 08 2013

they do exist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rain_sensor
[lostmind, Jan 08 2013]

Sorry lostmind, baked hard http://www.youtube....watch?v=IIDRUnwo6j0
[Brian the Painter, Jan 08 2013]


       When i sold cars in 2001 the Kia Rio (cheapest car in Canada) had this.
Brian the Painter, Jan 08 2013

       thought so, but i felt like posting it
lostmind, Jan 08 2013

       I've seen these work and their awesome. We would splash a glass of water on the windscreen and watch the wipers come alive! Don't you hate it when you invent the best idea ever just to find out its baked?!
Brian the Painter, Jan 08 2013

       And there should also be headlights that come on automatically in the dark!
evilpenguin, Jan 08 2013

       These are widely known to have existed for decades.
tatterdemalion, Jan 08 2013

       @evilpenguin I went to your profile page and there is not much there to support your existence. Are you sure your real?
Brian the Painter, Jan 08 2013

       not sure what you expect from a profile page. Mine is just a funny quote pulled from another halfbaker I pissed off. I think I'm real
evilpenguin, Jan 08 2013


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