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better backup lights

replace those inadequate reversing lights
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With tinted windows, heavy rain, falling amphibians or other distractions, I often find that the reverse lights on my car are inadequate. I want real headlights on the back of my car.

As a bonus, I could then drive around in reverse all night.

cljudge, Jan 13 2004

blind-parking http://www.discount...latinum-edition.php
something smarter than big lights for sale [sweet, Oct 04 2004]


       My car has a camera that activates and projects the image onto the LCD that typically shows navigation when you put it in reverse.   

       I'm convinced a car chase scene is coming in an action movie one of these days   

       I had all kinds of fun with it, until I almost knocked down the mailbox
theircompetitor, Jan 13 2004

       Most people who do alot of towing have bright back up lights so that they can hook up to their trailers. All Semi-Trucks have these lights.
SystemAdmin, Jan 13 2004

phoenix, Jan 13 2004

       blissmiss - I'd stay away from the Darwin site, if I were you.   

       Go down to the local Auto Parts store. I'm sure they have a plethora of solutions to brighten your backup lights. Don't worry about local ordinances, the police will let you know if they are too bright. :-)
DarkVengeance, Jan 13 2004

       // plethora of solutions to brighten your backup lights//
Steer clear of that advice. Replacing current bulbs with hotter bulbs means something will be melting.
thumbwax, Jan 13 2004

       bliss, perhaps you shouldn't have bought that Husqvarna sedan. Is the tree still standing? Try wrapping some reflective tape around the trunk. Or else move to the prairies where the trees are few and far between.   

       judge, I think most of the annos here give you the answer you seek - try your local auto parts shops, or else sneak onto the tarmac at a local airport late at night and "borrow" a couple of aircraft landing lights. :-o   

       phoenix, are you making an observation or a request?
Canuck, Jan 14 2004

       Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't that maybe mean that your windows are tinted a little too much?   

       Forget brighter lights, you need a razor blade.
GargantuChet, Jan 14 2004

       has anyone suggested lighting up the tree? whoops, yes dag did!
po, Jan 14 2004

       //jscottpete, if the police are searching your car, you probably are a criminal//   

       Sp: Black
thumbwax, Jan 15 2004

       //When I leave I say to myself, "go slow now, you know that tree is back there somewh"...crruunnch.//   

       There's your problem. You need to decide "There's a tree back there, and I only want it to take out one more set of tail lights." Then floor the gas.
supercat, Jan 17 2004


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