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bike o way

gliding bycicle or motor bike
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Powered by a very large ramp in the garden, you could cycle at top speed up the ramp, once air boure wings would eject from the frame letting you glide to your destination.

friend of gizmo

alexo, Nov 22 2001

The annual Bognor International Birdman competition. http://www.birdman.org.uk/main.html
What pottedstu remembers. [DrBob, Nov 22 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Does a small alien need to sit in the wicker basket on the handlebars for this to work?
Aristotle, Nov 22 2001

       I'm sure I've seen this done on TV. When launched off a 20 foot high pier, it went about 10 feet forwards before hitting the water.   

       Incidentally the Wright brothers ran a bicycle repair shop.
pottedstu, Nov 22 2001

       //letting you glide to your destination//   

       What? *All* the way to the emergency room. How cool is *that*.
st3f, Nov 22 2001

       Aristotle: Don't know any aliens but my cat would love it.   

       pottedstu: the bike could be made of rubber so after gliding you could then bounce the rest of the way.   

       st3f: school is only a few yards from my door, I could probably just make it to the playground, what an entrance.   

       It would be fun trying though.
alexo, Nov 22 2001

       Surely it would be possible to fix a ramp to the eaves of your roof and save a lot of energy in peddaling
nudeatom, Nov 22 2001

       Sounds good to me. I could rig up a catapult system for that extra boost
alexo, Nov 22 2001

       Didn't Evel Knievel try this ?
lubbit, Nov 22 2001

       Anything that keeps cyclists off the roads works for me.
angel, Nov 23 2001


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