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Cane for blind people, with small blade inside
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Yes. Now, as I am mostly blind, this is an issue dear to me.


Because the normal cane used by blind people (for many reasons, not least of which being living in a dorm, I can't use a guide dog) is decidedly ineffective as a personal defense tool.

Ergo, an idea. Touch button, causing tip to raise and blade to extend. Then...BACK! BACK MUGGER, BACK!

Do not attack blind man with sharp object!

(Note: The usual cane is 46-54" long. Stabbing yourself would be REALLY hard. Possible? Yes, but you'd really have to make an effort at it.)

Penta, Oct 21 2003

Weapon Canes http://www.canetrader.com/weapons.html
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Blind Fury http://www.moviegoo...aster_movie_id=8953
[Shz, Oct 04 2004]


       I'd be afraid that your cane would be used against yourself.   

       think of all those ankles you would swipe as you walk down a crowded street unaware that your weapon had been unleashed..   

       welcome to the hb, Penta.
po, Oct 21 2003

       You mean like from the comic Daredevil?   

       Actually, sword canes are quite readily available ... and banned in every jusrisdiction I know of. This is despite their being pretty poor defensive weapons. The length of your cane will be a problem in all but the most wide-open terrain.   

       Besides, you need good eyesight and reflexes to wield a spear and you can only practically strike him between the distances of 9' and 5'. Any further or closer and he's out of reach. Also, the spear is not very manoevurable and he'll probably catch it on your first thrust.   

       Finally, if he was serious about mugging you, he'd probably not introduce himself as "Yield! For I am the Gentleman Highwayman. Your money or your life!" The first you'd know about it is him smacking you over the back of the head with a clawhammer or something.   

       And even if you were a deft as a comic book superhero, it'd be better to give up your wallet than defend yourself in court. It's simply cheaper and is not going to result in a criminal record. Why not just carry a throw wallet with $20 in small bills?
FloridaManatee, Oct 21 2003

       Just make the segments heavier and use it rice flail-like to clear your personal space.
oneoffdave, Oct 21 2003

[FM] Isn't there just as much possibility that the 'he' you talk about could be a she?
silverstormer, Oct 21 2003

       I like [oneoffdave]'s rice flail thingy.
squeak, Oct 21 2003

po, Oct 21 2003

       Sadist, of course.
squeak, Oct 21 2003


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