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bocce ball robot mower

set the pattern with an anchor
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A robot mower with preset patterns which revolve around a master remote-controlled device.

The master device is a big-wheeled all-terain-type vehicle, and the satellite is a mower with preset patterns.

The types of patterns and interface would be determined by Very Clever People and would be very slick and cool.

The mower would be very slow and electric, and would dock automatically when low.

And it would have a handle and would be manually programmable for specific applications in tight places in the yard, if the anchor was in a specific (and easily found) location.

You would set it each evening, fiddle with it and mess with it, and never push a mower again.

nomocrow, Jul 25 2010

here are some patterns to make http://www.bladesla...owing-striping.html
[xandram, Jul 26 2010]


       For people who'd rather spend 10 hours tinkering with robots than 1 hour mowing the lawn. As any right-thinking person would. [+]
mouseposture, Jul 26 2010

       I like it. [+]
xandram, Jul 26 2010


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