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bread calculator

Comprehensive Theory of Bread
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Bread is one of our oldest foods, a pillar of civilisation. Nearly every civilisation around the world has developed it. Bread has several key ingredients: (flour, liquid, oils*, leavening substance*, salt*, sugars*)

the major types for each of these are:

flours: wheat corn nut rice

liquids: water milk broth blood (yes blood)

oils: butter olive oil sesame seed oil other oils**

leavening substances: Yeast baking powder fermented stuff***

sugars: cane corn syrup maple others ****

I would like to see a visual that shows where all the bread from around the world lie in relation to each other on a big graph, or maybe a calculator that lets you enter different mixes of ingredients and find out what kind of bread or bread hybrid it will be. (ie. ‘cresent-flatbread’ or ‘cornbread-cake’)

* not essential ** too many to list, but the big distinction is between fat and vegetable oils *** wheat flours have natural rising qualities **** can’t list off the top of my head ...

futurebird, May 09 2001

A Bread Winner! http://www.brightid...-AD10-560BD27E05C3}
Idea by idealady [LoriZ, May 09 2001]


       All this bread history stuff is "half-bake" to the max.   

       What about Future's Calculator? Maybe a Palm device would be more convenient. Could even hold QuickTime movies for prep hints for BreadDummies
bobzaguy, May 12 2001


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